Monday, 18 February 2013

"Hoxton Lurker" a daily painting

Hello all, hope you all had a nice weekend!!

Here is my daily painting, inspired by the characters of Hoxton (East London). After finishing this
I realised he looks like a grown up "Wally" from the famous "Where's Wally?" children's books


Unknown said...

Do you mean Where's Waldo? Or was he Wally over on your side of the Atlantic? Either way, I love this painting, but I'm not familiar with Hoxton Lurker.

My name is Daniel Frost said...

I never realised that it had different titles in different countries? you learn something new every day. But yes
he is called wally in the UK! its quite funny I wonder why his name is different in the States?
As for the Hoxton Lurker, Hoxton is a trendy area of East London, where you see a lot of crazy fashion and funny characters! I love to draw their!
Really happy that you like my work.