Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Flying Machines

Hello all!

Here we are I'm sticking to my word (and my new years resolution) and updating blog as much as I can.
This is little treat for you all, I finally got round to photographing all of my mobiles I've
made for various exhibitions. It was really nice to look back at these which has re-kindled my interest for making some more 3-D pieces. I would really love to experiment with making some wooden toys, something quite weighty and on a larger scale. In the meantime I'm happy to have these hanging round my studio as I think on some new ideas.


Bea said...

Hello Daniel,
I just wanted to say that your works are amazing, in particular I really liked this project. Bravo!
can't wait to see your new 3D creations! :)

Unknown said...

Yeah I remember seeing these before. They are so wonderful! I think they may have been the reason I started following you. I wanted to learn more.

CĂ©line said...