Tuesday, 22 January 2013

a painting a day!

 Hey, hope you all well!

Here is a little fun project that I started just before Christmas. Its my painting-a-day project, which I started out of frustration while working on long projects (and not getting that buzz from a finished piece) and working on the computer a little too much. So I decide to do a painting every day, were I could experiment with new ideas, colours and text. I've also been quite keen to experiment with a new material and I'd been wanting play with some Acrylic's for a while now, but always been a little weird about using them. I've tried to used them in the past and found then quite to be quite troublesome, I think I found them a bit too heavy.  But over the last few months I've found them an amazing medium to use. You can get great colour overlays (as they are waterproof, you can paint one colour over another and get some really beautiful tones). I've even got used to their toughness, which is incredible, as it makes the image super durable. But you can also re-work areas that your not happy with - its perfect!
I'm going to continue this project over the next year and post a couple of pieces every week!
I will also continue to use this medium for my future projects, so keep your eyes peeled for future developments!!!


Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Flying Machines

Hello all!

Here we are I'm sticking to my word (and my new years resolution) and updating blog as much as I can.
This is little treat for you all, I finally got round to photographing all of my mobiles I've
made for various exhibitions. It was really nice to look back at these which has re-kindled my interest for making some more 3-D pieces. I would really love to experiment with making some wooden toys, something quite weighty and on a larger scale. In the meantime I'm happy to have these hanging round my studio as I think on some new ideas.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Norse x Colette


Happy New year Everyone!

I've been very slow at updating over the last few months as I have been up to my eyeballs in some amazing projects. but I promise that I will keep my new years resolution and make sure that I post twice weekly on my progress with my work. I have a lot to show you all, so keep your eyes peeled. And what better way to begin a new year than with a limited edition t-shirt design that I made for a  collaboration between the amazing brand Norse projects and fantastic French concept store Colette .  The brief was quite re-refreshing as I was limited to a two colour palette of Black (which I hardly ever use) and the Colette Blue. This was a great exercise as I usually think quite a lot about the colour all the way through the process of making my work, but because I knew what the palette would be from the start it gave me more opportunity to think about the composition, line and content of the image. It is also an amazingly quick way of working, so the images keep that intuitive quality which I love. I think I may experiment more with using a very restrictive palette in my work in the future as well as including more line work.
The tees are on sale now at the Colette store and are in a super limited edition of 50. So if you want one you'd best be snappy, as they might sell out!!!!!1