Friday, 29 June 2012

MacMillian print!


Been quite busy the last few weeks with some various projects, such as the Nike Mega map (which i've been working on along with the amazing designer Alice Moloney) which I will been posting more about really soon!

In the meantime, heres some news about an amazing Fundraising event for Macmillan Cancer support that I was (along with some very talent illustrators and designers) asked to be a part of. The event was organised by A Famliy Affair who ( alongside a charity bike race from Lands End to John O'groats) set up an print exhibition on the theme of cycling, in order to raise funds for the Charity. 
Here is my contribution. I really like the theme, but wanted it to be more about the joy of cycling with other people and about people starting out on a journey together. 
I also experimented a bit more with textures on the blocks of colour to create more roundness to the shapes and build more atmosphere. I'm really enjoying experimenting with this at the moment, but its about finding the balance on when to use it and how intense the shading/texture needs to be. Its something that I did a lot in my older pencil crayon work, but it has been a little lost when translating my work to computer, but I feel that I would like to introduce it some more in all my work (not just my personal work). 

If you would like to suppport this very worthly cause by buying a print you can get them from 
A Famliy Affair HERE

Each print is A3 format and sold in a edition of 20 prints. 

Saturday, 23 June 2012

KRETS workshop photos

Hello all,

I blogged a few weeks back about a stamp workshop that I was conducting at Krets Gallery in Malmo. The event went so well, its was really cool to do another workshop at Krets and the guys and girls who took part were amazing - really good fun! The stamps were really simply made (just foam rubber shapes stuck on the back of plastic sheets, so you could see the design when printing), but the results were amazing. It was interesting to see the variety of marks and images that can be made from a few simple shapes. Here are a few photos from the event as well as a few shots of what was made.
Thanks to everyone who took part and thanks to Anna and Cindy for inviting me back and for making me feel very welcome in Malmo.


Tuesday, 12 June 2012

NIKE workshop

Hello All, 
I've been very fortunate to be asked by NIKE to be involved in conducting a map building workshop which will start this week. Here is a little bit of info on the events and a picture from a Think Tank panel, were I did some live drawing which was so exciting to do! I will post more about this over the next couple of days. In the meantime here is some links to some articles about the workshop. 


Sunday, 3 June 2012


Hello hello,

Amazing news! I was asked to do a piece for todays NEW YORK TIMES!
The piece was for the Sunday Dialog section, in which they were debating wether law graduates should be required to do pro bono pubic service work. If you would like to read the article and see the image (in situ) then you can have a peep here.
The job needed to be completed in a very short time, which is always a great challenge.  I really enjoy this kind of work as the results are more intuitive, simple and direct, as you don't have the time to over-work and over think.