Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Saturday Market Project


Afternoon all, 

Here is a project which I was commissioned to do last year, but have had to keep it under my hat until it now! 
The Saturday Market Project is a community website for artisans of all kinds who can find and share makers of tools, materials and other things used in the creative process. I was asked to create a few elements for the site main features, such as the home page and about section. I came up with an idea of having two characters who wander and investigate this landscape of overgrown objects to try and emphasise this idea of finding and sharing these materials. 
I also worked on some animated sections for the site, which was great fun!
If you want to have a peep and investigate some goods for yourself visit the site here! 

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

ANORAK, the food issue!

Hey there,

Its been ages since my last blog post! sorry about that, been a bit of a busy bee the last few weeks with my fingers in several pies.
A bit of exciting news though, I have a piece in the new ANORAK Magazine "The food issue".
ANORAK is an amazing magazine crammed with fun stories and games, and although they say its for kids, I know a few adults who read it too. I myself have been a fan of the mag for ages, so its
a great opportunity to be featured.
The image was originally a submission for their "FOOD IS FOOD" competition, were illustrators and artist were asked to create ideas based on the theme of "pack lunches", so I thought were better place is their to store a pack lunch but under you hat!
Also to accompany the image wrote a poem, which was really fun to do and something which I may do more of in the future...

If you would like a copy of the magazine you can get one from HERE!