Tuesday, 23 October 2012

"Old School" Print exhibition at Smug

Hello all!
Very sorry for the long-time-no-blog! I have been quite busy on various projects over the last few weeks, but I promise that I'll post some of the work that I have been up to really soon. 

In the meantime here's a bit of good news, I been very kindly asked by the good people at Smug (a fantastic store in Islington) to be involved in their print exhibition, which starts this Saturday (27th October). Their will be artwork by an array of amazing artist and Illustrators to look at and buy (if one tickles your fancy). So please if your free on the weekend go and have a nose around Smug!

13 Camden Passage
N1 8EA


Thursday, 30 August 2012


Hello Everyone,

Got some really great news, I been very kindly asked to join the Lezilus Agency in France. The agency is run by Nicolas & Michel who I'm really excited and looking forward to working with in the future. Michel also runs an amazing gallery too, which is well worth a look if your in Paris, or you can see whats going on via his website (really nice mix of classical and modern illustration).
Exciting times ahead, so keep your eyes peeled!

Friday, 24 August 2012

Viewpoint Magazine


Hello All,

Sorry been a little slow on the blog post recently, just had a few projects on, but I will be trying to
keep up and post more regularly.

But here is a great project I worked on a few weeks back for the award winning Viewpoint magazine (which is a biannual design, brands, trends and futures magazine). The article was about the really interesting rising field of Socionomics and the idea that events don't shape the social mood, but that the way we feel shapes events. Which was a great article read as well as illustrate.
For the illustrations I wanted to create the idea of a graph chart, with the ups and downs depicting the sense of different moods. But instead of using just a normal line I wanted it to become a obstacle course (made from pipes, ladders, stairs etc) with groups of people traversing it together (by any means possible) to give this idea of social mood. I'm really happy with how the piece turned out and it was a great project to work on.
I haven't got a copy of the magazine yet but as soon as I do I will post it up.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Website UPDATE!!

Hello All,

Finally after a year of much needed TLC my website has had an make-over. I'm really please with how its new face looks and as i'm running on Cargo, which means for HTML clumsy people like myself I can keep it fresh, clean and up-to-date. So keep your eyes peeled here.

As for my blog (here) I would like to resume its normal service to document my process and development work, which will be nice as I feel its good to keep the balance.

Monday, 30 July 2012

Projects in the pipeline!!!


Hello All,

Hope you have had a nice weekend!

Here are a few new projects I have been working on over the last few weeks but are yet to be published, I though I'd share a few sneaky crops with you!
I will post the full projects as and when they come out - so keep you eyes peeled!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

KOTKI DWA "Staycations" print

Hello again,

Told you I was having to play catch-up, blog-a-day eh!

Here is a print I made for the recent Kotki Dwa album launch at YCN. 
The album is called "Staycations" which was also the theme for the show.
So I thought what better way to illustrate the idea of "holidaying at home" than with making a
jungle den in your own room.

Cacti and Spider plants are so cool to draw!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

MANY HANDS! shop and other good things!



Hello all, 

Doing a lot of catch-up post at the moment as I have many things to up-date you all on. So hold on to you hats and expect lots of new things popping-up over the next week.
 Here is one bit of really ace news, I was kindly asked by the newly formed MANY HANDS to be apart of their online store. The group consists of lots of really talented artist and illustrators who really enjoy making lots products and prints and want a great platform to show them. The group also have some amazing plans to do exhibitions and publications (as wells as other exciting events) so keep your eyes peeled.   Here are a few tasters of what I will be selling on the site (all of which are oringinal drawings from my recent FROSTVILLE exhibition), but if you want to sell the this exciting new venture then you can have a peep HERE!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Hi All, 

Finally I can unveil the map that me and Alice Moloney art directed at the recent Nike workshops. 
Its is incredible see it up and see it on this scale (its 48 sheet billboard so thats massive 240"x120"), I've never had anything I've made or had a hand in making at this size before, plus we 
had been working on digitalising it for printing on 13'' laptops, so to go from that to a billboard was quite a eye opener and really exciting (as well as nerve racking). But really happy with how its turn out! 
If you live in London and want to see it up-close you can find it on Gillet Street in Dalston. 

Thanks again for everyone that was involved in making the map and for Nike and INT for getting me involved. 

Monday, 16 July 2012


Hello all, 

Heres a nice funny bit of news to start the week with, a couple of snaps of a Danish T.V host covering the Tour De France 2012 wearing my one of Norse project t-shirt. Thanks to Mikkel for his keen eye and quick iphone action!  

Friday, 6 July 2012

Dazed and Confused feature!

Hello All !

Here is a nice bit of news, Dazed and Confused have done an article on the recent Nike workshop and have kindly asked me a few questions about the workshop and Frostville. which you can read more about HERE!
They have also created a map of my (and the other workshop leaders) favorite and inspiring of sustainable areas the exists in east London. If you want to see where mine was you can have a peep HERE!  


Thanks to Terence at Dazed for this.

Monday, 2 July 2012


Hello all!

Hope you had a enjoyable weekend!

I was recently lucky enough to be asked to contribute to YCN's own in-house publication Ideas Illustrated. The article was about the various current retail trends of which I had no-idea about, until now! but all were great fun to imagine and draw. The article was also very copy heavy, so I took the chance to use these nooks and crannies between the text to my advantage - with some new and exciting results. Such as the re-commerce section (the last spread in the post), which Is the first time I've used text as a graphic shape (in this case replacing an image of a briefcase or bag with a block of text).
It was great to work a little out of my comfort zone and it opened my eyes to another technique which I can develop and use in other projects.

If you would like a copy of the magazine you can get one direct from YCN's online shop HERE.


Friday, 29 June 2012

MacMillian print!


Been quite busy the last few weeks with some various projects, such as the Nike Mega map (which i've been working on along with the amazing designer Alice Moloney) which I will been posting more about really soon!

In the meantime, heres some news about an amazing Fundraising event for Macmillan Cancer support that I was (along with some very talent illustrators and designers) asked to be a part of. The event was organised by A Famliy Affair who ( alongside a charity bike race from Lands End to John O'groats) set up an print exhibition on the theme of cycling, in order to raise funds for the Charity. 
Here is my contribution. I really like the theme, but wanted it to be more about the joy of cycling with other people and about people starting out on a journey together. 
I also experimented a bit more with textures on the blocks of colour to create more roundness to the shapes and build more atmosphere. I'm really enjoying experimenting with this at the moment, but its about finding the balance on when to use it and how intense the shading/texture needs to be. Its something that I did a lot in my older pencil crayon work, but it has been a little lost when translating my work to computer, but I feel that I would like to introduce it some more in all my work (not just my personal work). 

If you would like to suppport this very worthly cause by buying a print you can get them from 
A Famliy Affair HERE

Each print is A3 format and sold in a edition of 20 prints. 

Saturday, 23 June 2012

KRETS workshop photos

Hello all,

I blogged a few weeks back about a stamp workshop that I was conducting at Krets Gallery in Malmo. The event went so well, its was really cool to do another workshop at Krets and the guys and girls who took part were amazing - really good fun! The stamps were really simply made (just foam rubber shapes stuck on the back of plastic sheets, so you could see the design when printing), but the results were amazing. It was interesting to see the variety of marks and images that can be made from a few simple shapes. Here are a few photos from the event as well as a few shots of what was made.
Thanks to everyone who took part and thanks to Anna and Cindy for inviting me back and for making me feel very welcome in Malmo.