Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Here is another project which I've been working on alongside the mini kites.
Its actually a on-going project, which started from a conversation with a good friend where we were discussing different colloquialisms to do with professions such as Builders bum, Pianists fingers, Electricians twitch etc. After which I decided it could be fun to try and interpret them visually. I also though it could be interesting to mix them up with some of my own made-up colloquialisms, see if you can guess which ones are mine, and guess their names?
In terms of the imagery, I wanted them to be quite quick and punchy as well as working with coloured backgrounds. This has been (and will continue to be) a really great exercise to just focus on the message of the image and to simplify the technique used to create it, as I often find that the original idea can be lost if the image is too overworked.
It has also been great experimenting with coloured backgrounds, which is something that I rarely do. But I'm really surprised at the visual impact a coloured background can give a image,its probably quite obvious really, but is something that I often overlook. This
project has been a great challenge, but has really push my work for the better. I'm looking forward to continually working on it and i'm looking forward to seeing how it develops and informs my other work.

The postcards are on sale at the YCN shop, details of which can be found here!
However, they are not available on the online shop yet, but I will keep you posted on when
they will be!

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