Monday, 21 November 2011



Here is a fun project which I was asked to do recently. The idea of the project was to create a play list that inspires the creative process which is then up loaded to the site and added to every month with new creatives. It's the creation of Rose Blake and gives a great insight into the inspiration of lots of different and interesting artist's, designers and makers. Its also a pretty cool site for finding new musicians, my personal favorites are Jody Barton and Jim Stoten.
If you would like to listen to my playlist you can see it here.
Thanks Rose for asking me to join in - its was great fun!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011


A few months back I was asked to illustrate a map for University College Dublin campus. The maps main aim was to highlight some of the historic buildings and walks that can be found around the college campus. Being the biggest University in Dublin, you can expect that their are many amazing and historic buildings on the campus which were great objects of reference. Both the scale of the project and the range of buildings was very interesting as well as rewarding. The buildings ranged the 1800s to the present day so their designs varied which made it all the more exciting to illustrate.
Along with the buildings their are also a number of sculptures and other land marks which made the project a great exercise.

From a design prospective it was a challenge but also rewarding as the drawings were to be shown at different scales (one scale for the map and another for the cover).
overall I was really happy with how the project looks and I feel that my practice has benefited greatly from this project.

Thanks to Simon at Smoke and mirrors studio for his positive feedback and for giving me the opportunity to work with him on this project.