Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Hey, Here are some fresh photographs of the kites I made for “the big kite show” back in march. The amazing photographer Olivia Frølich took the pictures and I really happy with how they have came out. I feel it’s really good practice to look back over past projects (although it was only a few months back) because there are elements that you have used and things that you learn't, which you’ve forgotten.
For the kite project I experimented with different viewpoints for the characters. This was because each one needed to look as if they were in the process of flight, so some had to look as if they were viewed from below, some from the side etc. Studying this project I see how I can use the different prospective and viewpoints in my drawn work as I often draw characters in profile from the same angle, I feel that if I begin using new viewpoints it will bring a richness and more variety to my future work.
Thanks again to Olivia for taking the photos, if you would like to see more of her work please visit here.

Friday, 27 May 2011


Here is a new editorial piece for Building design magazine. It was to illustrate a piece about flat VAT, and how if you buy an old building you have to pay 20% VAT on any restoration work you have done to it, but if you demolish it and rebuild something new you don't have to pay any VAT.
This piece is quite different to my other commissions so far, as it is the first time that I have used text within my imagery to convey an idea. It was also a theme that I have never really drawn before, but trying to create a sense of this building being smashed and capturing the energy and movement was quite exciting.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Hello, recently I was commissioned by building design online to spice up their 404 error pages. This was a quite interesting project as I was given no specific format to work from, as their error pages often change formats due to text and header alterations. So I needed to make images that could work with text and other elements, and would not have a specific overall shape. So I decide to create a group of characters that could interact with the text and could easily composed with text. The characters are based on the look of a stereotypical architect both in dress and equipment that they use, also I drew the characters looking confused to emphasize this idea of error.
This commission was quite a quick turn-around, which I always feel is a great exercise to do. It was also really good chance to create a collection of new characters with different elements which I would not normally consider.

Friday, 20 May 2011


Hello, I'm a very proud to say that I have been welcomed into the YCN family. I really look forward to working on lots of exciting projects with this energetic bunch of guys and girls. Their are a lot of new and amazing things that are due to happen over the next couple of months with these guys, so keep your eyes peeled.Thanks again to YCN for getting on-board.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Hello All, I've been very busy the last couple weeks with a few really exciting and interesting projects. Although I wont be able to show you the at the moment (as they will not be out for a while, sorry), but, I can show you some new drawings which I have done alongside those projects.
In my quest to push my work into new mediums, I have begun trying out watercolours.
Up until now I have found watercolours quite a difficult medium to grasp, I’ve found them quite hard to control, but over the last few weeks I have been persevering, with some really exciting results. I often find myself when working with a new medium, trying to push to into working as another (for example trying to make watercolour act a pencil crayon or as a gouache) instead of embracing its qualities. But I’ve been pushing myself, and found it really enjoyable to use. I find watercolour a very quick medium to use that often keeps an image looking fresh and not too overworked. This is fast production of images also helps working though ideas, which I find really useful, as sometimes ideas need to pushed in every direction before they feel right.