Monday, 25 April 2011


This is a commission that I have just worked on, its for a Segway tour company in Copenhagen.
I was asked to produce an image that could be used as a website banner and a swing sign for Tours CPH. As it's sight seeing tour I was to asked to draw all the sights of Copenhagen, this was something that I haven't done before or for a long time at lest, drawing existing monuments and architecture. It was a really interesting project and a really good exercise for me, because the banner was only going to be seen in small scale, so I needed to fit in all the details of the individual buildings and sculptures so that they could be recognized. Its was also a little tricky to make each element fit into a the bar format as most of the buildings have spires or points.
although I was working outside my comfort zone it was really exciting to draw from different sources like Segway's and monuments, I think that's whats really fun and interesting about commissioned work is it forces you to brake your usual habits.

IT'S NICE THAT drawing's and collage

Good Evening, here are a few photos of the work I produced at Somerset House for It's Nice That. I made a lot of work while I was their, as well as trying new ways of working. The reason for this was timescale, images needed to be produced fast, so I use college to apply the block areas of colour and drew the finer detailed bits with crayon (as you can see in the top two images). The images are really a merge of my pencil crayon work and the kites and I'm really happy with the results. Its really satisfying to see your own hand style work in another medium.