Thursday, 24 February 2011


I received an exciting package today. It was from my really good friend Mark Wright!
I asked him to if he could make some quite delicate brackets to form the shape of my kite sticks,
and he did a smashing job. It really was a difficult piece to make as the horizontal hole needed to drilled at an angle ( see the 4th picture down) but luckily enough Mark had just bought a new machine which could do just that, and I think he was itching to test out too!
So thanks Mark! clap clap!
He also makes really amazing Cigar box guitars, go have a look they are super cool.

Monday, 21 February 2011


Roll up, roll up and make your way to the big kite show!
An exhibition of handmade kites each featuring a weird and wonderful character capable of taking to the skies!
Come along and join the fun on Friday the 4th of March at SHFT (Copenhagen,Denmark)from 5pm till 9pm. but if you can make it for the big night, the show will be on for three weeks, plus I will be posting photographs of the show here.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Kite desgins for "THE BIG KITE SHOW"

I have been busy drawing and designing for my up-and-coming kite exhibition over the last few weeks; Here are a few colour designs of some of the kites. I think they also look really nice as just drawings so I might produce some as prints and maybe have a small run printed as postcards to give away at the show.
I also have a some news on the date of the show, it will be on the Friday 4th of March, at SHFT, Blågårdsgade 14 st tv, 2200 København N, Denmark, it will all kick off at 5 til 9pm, so if you find yourself in Copenhagen on Friday please pop in and join the fun!

Thursday, 10 February 2011

The cat and the kangaroo (private commission)

Just before Christmas I was asked to do another private commission, which was really fun the brief was to create a image that had elements of Japanese culture mix with Australian. This was a really amazing point of departure and as with all the private commissions I have be be given quite a lot of creative freedom. Although there were such a wealth of imagery within these two cultures and many differences that it was difficult to merge the two to find a balance. I used a little more sophisticated pallet to that I normally use which, 6 in all, this was both a experiment to try and use more colours (and combination's) within my work, it was also to bring in a feeling of modern Japanese illustration and graphics. I think I still need to work on the colour combination's, but as a first attempt I'm very pleased.
This brief also gave me the opportunity to work with animal character's which I'm trying bring in more more, I feel I just need to find my own voice within drawing and characterising animals. This was a really fun part of this commission as both cultures have an amazing range of animals which represent them, so it was a really great exercise to draw some new creatures. I feel that again with this project it has pushed my work into new territories both with colour and theme and I feel I have improved with taking these new steps.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

"SHFT" Kite exhibition

Hello All, I'm very excited at the moment as I have been working hard on a up coming exhibition. This show will be a collection of my hand made kites and will taking place at the end of the month (I will keep you posted on a exact date). The show will take place at the THIS ISSUE which is a amazing coloured gallery/store on Blågårdsgade in the Nørrebro area of Copenhagen. The exhibition will be a one night affair only, but you will be able to visit the store and see my kites (and lots of other amazing things) after the show and maybe even purchase one.
Here are a some sketches and a few sneak previews of the kites I have already made. The theme is really simple they are all weird and wonderful characters, caught in the action of flight some using traditional forms of flight others are using more playful methods. So far it has been a really good exercise to have one main focus or barrier to work within and see how many directions you can push it in, its been really exciting to see what new ideas I can come up with within this theme.
I will have more news on the show in the next couple of days so I will keep you up-to-date.