Saturday, 23 October 2010


Over the last few weeks I have been In Copenhagen, Denmark, It Is really an amazing place to stay and investigate, while staying here found out that every year towards the end of October they have a kite flying festival in Dyrehaven. Dyrehaven or officially called Jægersborg Dyrehave
which translates as the "Deer Garden" it is a truly fantastic place, the landscape is so varied with large swaps, dense forests and grassy hills, which of course are perfect for Kite flying. So with this event in mind I really wanted to make a kite of my own and make a drawing that can fly, here are a few pictures of the process and some of the event. I wanted the image to be as strong as possible and try to work with the over all kite shape but not let it dominate the image so I choose a translucent plastic as the kites shape as the structure then built the image on top. This also allowed me to build off the main structure in this case the mans legs and arms which look amazing and animated in the wind. I will hope fully be able to attend the event next year and would love to make more kites for the event. I would also like to thank Cecilie as she has been very patient and helped me sew the kite together, Thank you Cecilie.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Recently I have been looking at the colourful clothing and head wear of 19th century Native American Indian's, which are amazing works of art. Clothing is a re-occurring theme in my work and is something that I would like to explore further.


Today I took some photos of My Illustrated version of Gulliver's Travels, which I exhibited at my MA show at the RCA. It was a collection of four books in a slipcase, each book represents different Islands that Gulliver Visits on his travels. The book covers are red, blue, orange and green, which are the four colours that I used for the illustrations inside.
The book was a collaboration with Jens Dan Johansen who worked on the layout and type setting of the books. This was quite a learning cuvre for me to work with another artist/designer, which was really fun and rewarding and somethink I would defiantly do again. Check out some more of Jens Dan Johansen work HERE.