Monday, 18 February 2013

"Hoxton Lurker" a daily painting

Hello all, hope you all had a nice weekend!!

Here is my daily painting, inspired by the characters of Hoxton (East London). After finishing this
I realised he looks like a grown up "Wally" from the famous "Where's Wally?" children's books


Melissa Kojima said...

Do you mean Where's Waldo? Or was he Wally over on your side of the Atlantic? Either way, I love this painting, but I'm not familiar with Hoxton Lurker.

My name is Daniel Frost said...

I never realised that it had different titles in different countries? you learn something new every day. But yes
he is called wally in the UK! its quite funny I wonder why his name is different in the States?
As for the Hoxton Lurker, Hoxton is a trendy area of East London, where you see a lot of crazy fashion and funny characters! I love to draw their!
Really happy that you like my work.