Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Hi All, 

Finally I can unveil the map that me and Alice Moloney art directed at the recent Nike workshops. 
Its is incredible see it up and see it on this scale (its 48 sheet billboard so thats massive 240"x120"), I've never had anything I've made or had a hand in making at this size before, plus we 
had been working on digitalising it for printing on 13'' laptops, so to go from that to a billboard was quite a eye opener and really exciting (as well as nerve racking). But really happy with how its turn out! 
If you live in London and want to see it up-close you can find it on Gillet Street in Dalston. 

Thanks again for everyone that was involved in making the map and for Nike and INT for getting me involved. 


Unknown said...

Oh me, oh my! That is fabulous! Great work, Daniel. Bravo! And hats off to you and your team! It's nice to see it go from digital to real life, eh?!

Autumn Hathaway said...

Very cool, congrats on such an awesome piece.