Thursday, 19 July 2012

KOTKI DWA "Staycations" print

Hello again,

Told you I was having to play catch-up, blog-a-day eh!

Here is a print I made for the recent Kotki Dwa album launch at YCN. 
The album is called "Staycations" which was also the theme for the show.
So I thought what better way to illustrate the idea of "holidaying at home" than with making a
jungle den in your own room.

Cacti and Spider plants are so cool to draw!


Hannah Cook said...

love this image - so fun!

Unknown said...

Ah, brilliant, Daniel! It perfectly captures a "staycation"!

August Laustsen said...

looks really good

karamba! said...

That's great! I Poland "Kotki dwa"
is a part of lullaby for kids about two kittens.