Thursday, 17 May 2012


Hey there!

Here is a bit of jazzy news! I've been kindly ask by the cool KRETS gallery to 
to do a workshop again (remember the kite workshop from last summer!). well I'm back 
there again, this time I'm going to be conducting a stamp making workshop. As yet the full 
details of the days events are still to be finalised, but be sure that it will jam-packed with some experimental stamp-buiding and messy colourful image making.
So if you live in Malmö or are close by or even just keen enough to jump on a plane just to get their, then join me on the on Saturday the 9th June 

Kristianstadsgatan 16
214 23 Malmö 


For more other info on the workshop or any of the other workshops that are on (as they have a lot of  ace artists involved) visit KRETS
or email


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Unknown said...

Oh, oh, sound like a lot of fun. I'll probably blog about this. Wish I was close enough to go to it---I'm in Los Angeles.