Friday, 18 May 2012


Hello hello! 

As some of you might spotted I made a couple of screen-prints for my recent  FROSTVILLE exhibition in Cambridge. These quality 3- colour screen-prints (which were printed by Robbie at the amazing PUCK STUDIO) are now available to buy on my web-shop

Each print is A2 and contains 3 colours (including a jazzy hot pink, swimming pool blue and a lovely colonel mustard yellow) and are 70 pounds each. 

These prints are just the first chapter in the Frostville project products range, so keep your eyes peeled, 
as they are just round the corner.  

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Unknown said...

Hello, I just became an email subscriber. I found your lovely work on ---I think---Kickcan and Conkers blog. Had never seen it before then, but I'm definitely going to see more of it now. Congrats on the new prints. Wonderful.