Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Saturday Market Project


Afternoon all, 

Here is a project which I was commissioned to do last year, but have had to keep it under my hat until it now! 
The Saturday Market Project is a community website for artisans of all kinds who can find and share makers of tools, materials and other things used in the creative process. I was asked to create a few elements for the site main features, such as the home page and about section. I came up with an idea of having two characters who wander and investigate this landscape of overgrown objects to try and emphasise this idea of finding and sharing these materials. 
I also worked on some animated sections for the site, which was great fun!
If you want to have a peep and investigate some goods for yourself visit the site here! 


Unknown said...

Really like these. Good use of a minimal feel without being boring.

doublexuan said...

Such beautiful simplicity. I truly love these.