Wednesday, 14 March 2012

ANORAK, the food issue!

Hey there,

Its been ages since my last blog post! sorry about that, been a bit of a busy bee the last few weeks with my fingers in several pies.
A bit of exciting news though, I have a piece in the new ANORAK Magazine "The food issue".
ANORAK is an amazing magazine crammed with fun stories and games, and although they say its for kids, I know a few adults who read it too. I myself have been a fan of the mag for ages, so its
a great opportunity to be featured.
The image was originally a submission for their "FOOD IS FOOD" competition, were illustrators and artist were asked to create ideas based on the theme of "pack lunches", so I thought were better place is their to store a pack lunch but under you hat!
Also to accompany the image wrote a poem, which was really fun to do and something which I may do more of in the future...

If you would like a copy of the magazine you can get one from HERE!

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