Tuesday, 6 December 2011

KITES, KITES, KITES of all shapes and sizes

I haven't blogged much recently due to lots of exciting bits and bobs going on, but I have lots of fun things to post - which I will do over the next week or so!
In the mean time here is a few snaps of one of the things that I have been working over the last few weeks. Recently I, along with Y.C.N, have been producing Mini kites for the Y.C.N Christmas shop which will see its grand opening this Thursday ( 8th December). It has been quite and challenge, but also really exciting trying to recreate my larger kites into a smaller production friendly version. I have been experimenting with simplifying some of the elements, such as how the paper characters are now just made from a single sheet of paper instead of a college of several sheets. This research has given me great insight into how I could potentially produce the larger kites in a simpler way and maybe a way of putting them it to production to sell.
In the mean time the if you would like to buy one of the Mini kites they will be available to buy at the newly opened YCN shop or on their online store info on both of these can be found here.
I will be also showing the original Big kites at the Y.C.N Christmas shop, so if you are in the area it will be nice to see you their on Thursday night.
Thanks again to Y.C.N for all their help and support in making the kites.

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Kickcan & Conkers said...

These look fab - how much are they?