Monday, 17 October 2011


Hi ,
Last week I manage to do a spot of screen printing which was really good fun. Feeling a little rusty on the technical side I decided to go to one of the classes at print club London (a really great space with some great facilities). As the class only had a day to produce a print it had to be very simple and only one layer. I found this a little tricky to create an image that had the same tonal range as my other work but in only one layer/one colour. In the class we were taught about how to minimize the amount of screens that we used per print though various techniques.
One of which was halftone dots, a method which is basically a shape made of a series of dots
which the tonal level of the image is adjusted by the space between the dots.
I have seen this technique before, but never considered using it in my own work. I feel that it has great potential for creating texture in the flat blocks of colour that appears in my work. I will need to experiment with it a little more, trying out how it looks in different amounts. But I was really happy to have discovered another direction for my work.

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Anonymous said...

I love all of your works, and this is brilliant!!