Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Hi All,
A couple of weeks back I was very kindly asked by the good folks at YCN to host the student awards. To accompany my presentation I was asked to make a short animation about my work.
This was very exciting opportunity, because I have never made an animation, so It was great to see how my style would translate in this medium. To help me in this task I collaborated with the amazingly talented duo PLASTIC HORSE who made my drawings come alive. It was an amazing experience to work this way because normally I would draw characters that are static but have certain visual elements that give the sense of movement, but with this project I actually had the opportunity to see those actions from start to finish, which also provided much inspiration for more advanced movement.
I also had the chance to add sound to the piece and narration. which was both was both nerve racking and exciting. The sound wasn't nerve racking, as I collaborated with sound experts BOX OF TOYS, who made the best sound tack and sound effects for the characters (I particularly enjoy the man scratching his head and mumbling). The nerve racking part was definitively the the narration, as I'm not used to hearing it recorded. But it was fun going into a sound studio to record it.
On the whole I'm really please with how it has came out and this has given me great insensitive to work with animation on future projects.

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Emmanuelle.Walker said...

I have been following your work for a while, and I just wanted to say that I love your universe, your characters. Your little animation short is so lovely! Cheers from Paris.