Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Last week I worked on a Risograph print for Yoke Books, which is a very new and exciting publishing platform based in Leeds. The print was made for the LOOP ARTS FAIR that Yoke books took were part this weekend in Leeds. The Riso-print along with the original black and white colour separations were on sale in addition with other prints and books by lots of talented artists and designers.

It was really interesting to work with 2 colours, as I usually work with 3, that with overlaying creates further two more colours, which in the this case would produce just one extra. Also, I imagine that it is quite difficult to get the image to resister correctly on a Risograph, so I also wanted to simplify the image so that their would be less room for error. So I created an image that included a background so it could act as an outline for the second colour layer. This would hopefully make it easier to register, as well making the most of the amazing texture and colour overlay that Risograph printers are known for!
I'm really excited to see the result, also I have never seen my work reproduced on a Risograph before, so I'm very excited indeed to see how its came out, as well as the future possibilities of this way of printing for me.

I would like to thanks to Bruce at Yoke for involving me in such and interesting project.

If you would like to know more about Yoke books, have a look at their very unique website here. They have some very interesting projects in the pipeline, with some very talented artist's, so keep you eyes peeled for them in the future.

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