Friday, 10 June 2011

Herons amongst the reeds

Hello, here is a drawing for the story that I have been working on, I've struggled a bit with writing the narrative today, so I experimented with a few ideas for the characters and tried to build on the mood for the story as well as testing which medium to use. I have done a few drawings today and I'm happy with how the characters have come out, also I have been using watercolours again,which I'm becoming more and more fascinated with using (and still trying to incorporate more line work with this medium, as I discussed a few post ago). However I'm not sure if I have the atmosphere right yet, but I think that as the story develops, I will become more aware of what kind of atmosphere I would like to emphasize in the drawings.


Helen Hancocks said...

this looks awesome and amusing.

Cara Edwards said...

your work is stunning, i'm so glad i stumbled across your blog. top stuff :)