Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Hello All, I've been very busy the last couple weeks with a few really exciting and interesting projects. Although I wont be able to show you the at the moment (as they will not be out for a while, sorry), but, I can show you some new drawings which I have done alongside those projects.
In my quest to push my work into new mediums, I have begun trying out watercolours.
Up until now I have found watercolours quite a difficult medium to grasp, I’ve found them quite hard to control, but over the last few weeks I have been persevering, with some really exciting results. I often find myself when working with a new medium, trying to push to into working as another (for example trying to make watercolour act a pencil crayon or as a gouache) instead of embracing its qualities. But I’ve been pushing myself, and found it really enjoyable to use. I find watercolour a very quick medium to use that often keeps an image looking fresh and not too overworked. This is fast production of images also helps working though ideas, which I find really useful, as sometimes ideas need to pushed in every direction before they feel right.

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