Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Hello, recently I was commissioned by building design online to spice up their 404 error pages. This was a quite interesting project as I was given no specific format to work from, as their error pages often change formats due to text and header alterations. So I needed to make images that could work with text and other elements, and would not have a specific overall shape. So I decide to create a group of characters that could interact with the text and could easily composed with text. The characters are based on the look of a stereotypical architect both in dress and equipment that they use, also I drew the characters looking confused to emphasize this idea of error.
This commission was quite a quick turn-around, which I always feel is a great exercise to do. It was also really good chance to create a collection of new characters with different elements which I would not normally consider.


makiko hastings said...

I love them so much!

Java Knees said...

love your work man, its great!