Thursday, 10 February 2011

The cat and the kangaroo (private commission)

Just before Christmas I was asked to do another private commission, which was really fun the brief was to create a image that had elements of Japanese culture mix with Australian. This was a really amazing point of departure and as with all the private commissions I have be be given quite a lot of creative freedom. Although there were such a wealth of imagery within these two cultures and many differences that it was difficult to merge the two to find a balance. I used a little more sophisticated pallet to that I normally use which, 6 in all, this was both a experiment to try and use more colours (and combination's) within my work, it was also to bring in a feeling of modern Japanese illustration and graphics. I think I still need to work on the colour combination's, but as a first attempt I'm very pleased.
This brief also gave me the opportunity to work with animal character's which I'm trying bring in more more, I feel I just need to find my own voice within drawing and characterising animals. This was a really fun part of this commission as both cultures have an amazing range of animals which represent them, so it was a really great exercise to draw some new creatures. I feel that again with this project it has pushed my work into new territories both with colour and theme and I feel I have improved with taking these new steps.

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ashley moe said...

hello daniel! your work is quite fabulous. I randomly found you while google searching "fish drawings" as a source for an illustration I'm working on! how funny.