Friday, 26 November 2010

a fairy tale

A few weeks ago I was commissioned to do a piece for a birthday present, which was really fun as I had quite a bit of creative freedom. The theme of the piece was a fairy tale scene which is a subject matter that I have wanted to work with for a long time. I have always wanted to create animal characters for a long time, but have never had the confidence to try it outside of my sketchbooks, so this was the perfect opportunity. I was very weary at first to include animals in this piece, but I am very happy I did now. Also this piece was a scene also I felt it very daunting as I have never done a scene before now which hasn't included a block of text on top of it
or running though it or just with a lot of white space, so to create a image with a lot of elements
was both scary but very fun. I think I have learn't a great deal from this piece and pushed my work in new directions.


Kickcan & Conkers said...

This is lovely!

kirstencorien said...

Hi Daniel,
I came upon your work via a tweet by itsnicethat. I already love your characters for the big kite show, but I have to tell you..

I am completely in love with this fairy tale scene. It's just entirely wonderful.