Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Today I took some photos of My Illustrated version of Gulliver's Travels, which I exhibited at my MA show at the RCA. It was a collection of four books in a slipcase, each book represents different Islands that Gulliver Visits on his travels. The book covers are red, blue, orange and green, which are the four colours that I used for the illustrations inside.
The book was a collaboration with Jens Dan Johansen who worked on the layout and type setting of the books. This was quite a learning cuvre for me to work with another artist/designer, which was really fun and rewarding and somethink I would defiantly do again. Check out some more of Jens Dan Johansen work HERE.


Line lisberg said...

Really wonderful work. I like it alot.

Oly Bliss said...

I really love the image of the person in the swing looking up to the flying island it's magical.

You have a lovely, calming, clear style that's sincere, light and positively charming!